Money transfers, simplified

All in one simple app

Wallet & Profile

Register an account with digital KYC, using an identification document and face scan to verify your identity. A Vio wallet address will then be assigned to you.

Send & Receive

Send and receive funds - domestically & internationally - to another user’s profile or wallet address. It's instant, secure and direct.


Exchange your Vio tokens into your local currency and then transfer it to your linked Visa debit card.

NB: Visa Direct transactions are domestic only.


Purchase Vio tokens directly from the app using Visa or Mastercard, or Top-up with Vio tokens from a listed digital exchange.

NB: Not available in countries where digital currencies are considered illegal. Issuing bank may charge additional fees for this service.


Send a transfer request to any of your friends that also have the Vio app so they can instantly send you money.


Keep track of all your exchanges, top-ups, as well as incoming and outgoing transfers of your Vio wallet.